About Us

Unique stories

Kamana was born out of passion for authentic handmade products, made by local artisans amidst the Himalaya. We believe that each product has its own  unique story.  These stories will sometimes make you laugh out loud or well up your eyes with tears but above all they will give you the chance to experience what life is like in Nepal!  

Fit's in your modern lifestyle

At Kamana we are convinced that traditions and skills that have been inherited in the Nepalese culture should not be lost.  We have travelled from the East to West, from the highest mountains to the flatlands of Nepal to find the best hidden treasures that are out there and trust us when we say, we are good at it!  It is our mission to preserve culture by make it fit into your modern lifestyle and make sure these skills will be passed on to new generations.

Making an impact!

Every day, 2000 capable young Nepalese leave Nepal looking for job opportunities in the Middle East. You might be surprised with the number but due to lack of employment prospects, farmers and artisans, leave their families and children behind to work mostly as a construction worker. Bringing an end to the Nepali traditions and cultures that once used to be alive. Kamana aims to support the young artisans so that they do not have to leave their homeland in search for a miracle when we believe that Nepal itself is a place full of miracles.

Therefore we develop and purchase our products at the source through close collaboration with local brands, designers and artisans. We offer a wide range of unique, natural, single source products you won’t find anywhere else! All of our products are made in a sustainable manner which highly supports local communities by empowering them through employment in production and business and that is how we make impact!

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